Bring your institution

to the forefront of

gender equality. 

Fem.Friendly is an organic menstrual product subscription customized to meet the needs of

your space, team and students.


We are the future of gender-positive change in Switzerland and we want to help you to be so too. 


Create an environment that fosters focus and boosts learning outcomes.

Show students and staff your true commitment to advancing gender equality. 

Ensure all students can participate in all school activities equally and with dignity.

Bolster current

health programming with a simple, innovative initiative. 

Take a

concrete and measurable action towards

social sustainability.

How it works

Receive an initial Fem.Friendly consultation and dispenser installation.
Receive timely Fem.Friendly deliveries and continuous 
Enjoy your contribution
to a happy and
healthy learning environment for all!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are proud to have a Fem.Friendly dispenser at the SDG Solution Space. With regard to Fem.Friendly, we equally value a sensible menstrual health advocacy as well as the availability of free organic menstrual products for our fellows and visitors. 


Fem.Friendly has helped us proudly signal that we walk the talk when it comes to loudly promoting gender equality (SDG 5) and well-being of women (SDG 3) at the workplace (SDG 8). 

Thomas Maillart,

SDG Solution Space


Ready to equip your school with all the tools your students need to succeed? 

Get Fem.Friendly to your school now. 

A Swiss organization challenging the status quo, to bring all spaces and toilets into a gender-positive 21st century.

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