Hello, we are Fem.Friendly.

Fem.Friendly is a Swiss startup founded in 2019 under the Geneus Innovation Initiator and BØWIE - Gender Incubator. Our goal is to ensure every person with a period in Switzerland has quality menstrual products when and where they need them. We believe that valorizing menstrual products represents a valorization and inclusion of those who have periods and that it is impossible to achieve true gender equity while ignoring something so central to the female life-cycle. 



We are Fem.Friendly, but more importantly, we too are part of the 86% of global females (and 90% in Switzerland) who have had period emergencies at school and work. We are here to change this number. 

Won't you join us?


Meet The Founders

Emily Sheene

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Coline Jeannet

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A Swiss organization challenging the status quo, to bring all spaces and toilets into a gender-positive 21st century.

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